The Ugly Truth

29 Sep

The reason we find the truth so ugly is because we are used to the beauty of lies; if everyone told the truth we would not know such a thing as lies and being decieved.



26 Sep


The sunrise yesterday morning, breathtaking.

The Hunt for Happiness

26 Sep

I’ve come upon the conclusion that life is just the passing of people through the small amount of time one has been granted exsistence. People shape our lives in ways we’d never expect. Recently I’ve lost a lot of close of friends but I’ve also met many new people through a new job. The loss of a friend or a person in your life is probably one of the worst feelings, I hate the feeling of absense. I feel as if people can just come and go so easily and finding happiness in friendship is getting rare. This leads me to my search for happiness, where do we turn to when happiness cannot be found in friendship? I stumbled upon a quote by the Dalai Lama (one of my new insipirations) which states “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace”. I was completely amazed by the simple key to happiness that this would become for me. In reality relying on others for happiness almost always leads to disappointment. I’ve learned to remind myself when I start to get upset that I, me and only me, have the power to control my happiness and emotions. I believe one can truly find happiness when they look for it in themselves and stop searching for it another ways. We take so many things for granted daily and I know when we slow down and take a breather from our busy daily lives we can truly appreciate our blessings which in turn leads us to happiness. Every day I’m working on reminding myself that I am happy.